Style despite the odds!

This morning was no different to any other. I woke up at 5am to begin the journey to my client’s home. It was a long drive and I wanted to beat the morning rush hour traffic.
I arrived at my client’s home in East Midlands at 9.30am. She booked my biggest style package the DIVA she was keen to revamp her image so it was a full day’s work ahead.
As soon as we met we engaged in conversation and I proceeded to start her Colour Analysis consultation. I was delighted that she was excited and keen to begin her style consultations. It sufficed that my client was an extra ordinary woman and that today would be somewhat different. She had 3 forms of cancer (leukaemia, uterus and a brain tumour), she also had Multiple Sclerosis and was told by the doctors that she had 18th months to live. In shock and struggling to hold back a flood of tears, it took everything in me to maintain my professionalism. She shared this information with me in a matter of fact way… I soon realised I needed to pull myself together before our eyes engaged. Amazingly she was so positive, upbeat and excited that I didn’t want to put a dampener on her consultations which was a treat for her.
I continued her Wardrobe Detox consultation with zeal realising this was an amazing woman. My client is like no other client despite the odds she embraced life with such passion, belief, laughter and strength. It was truly a joy to behold! We went from shop to shop in her wheelchair selecting a fabulous new winter wardrobe for her. She cracked jokes along the way and had the excitement of a girl as she tried on her new clothes. The irony was that she had the same body hang ups as all of my clients ’my hips are too big’ ‘I look fat in that’ …;-) I felt so privileged working with her; my passion is helping women achieve confidence and style, this consultation clearly illustrated the importance of this for my client. We all deserve to look and most importantly feel great about ourselves!
As we concluded her Personal Shopping consultation, I walked back to my car in deep thought replaying the events of the day. I was full of gratitude and repentant about the little insignificant things I moan about. It resonated so vividly that life is truly a blessing, one we must make the best of. I leant so much from this amazing woman who emphasised that we have nothing to complain about. Despite the challenges before her, she was happy, positive, fun, strong and fighting for everything that life held. It was truly a life changing consultation as well as a fun experience..
Life is a gift……let’s make the best of it!

My Client’s response
Hello Joy
I was surprised when I read your blog. I really have never seen myself as you did and it was very emotional for me, when I finished reading it.
Of course I approve of you publishing it, if it only helps others to see how important life is and to feel blessed that they alive, I think it will have achieved so much.
I really had a lovely experience and it was great, that you saw me as an individual and not ‘just someone who has a disability or illness’ and why was she bothering with how she looks, she is supposed to look rough because she is dying.
I gained from you confidence in my own person again. I do thank you sincerely for that. Therese of Lisieux was known to say “I’m suffering very much, but am I suffering very well? That’s the point!” I believe you have answered that question for me.
Warmest regards

My Client’s feedback 6th Nov 09
On first talking to Joy to arrange my consultation I knew that it was going to be excellent. Joy on arrival looked so warm and bright that my thoughts were endorsed. Joy had taken a lot of time to research my needs as I am a wheelchair user. She was friendly and professional. My Colour Analysis was so accurate, I had liked the jewel colours but and always gone for black (yes I know, we all do) and very pale wishy washy colours, that I thought let me blend into the background. Joy though showed me colours that brought back confidence in myself and a feeling of how I used to be prior to my ill health.
The Wardrobe detox was such a cleansing experience. It almost felt that I was given permission to rid my wardrobe of the items which just hung there. Impulsive buys, wrong styles which did not suit me, but which I just put back time after time.
Then the Personal Shopping trip, I was really looking forward to this. Joy had thoughtfully gone to do the shopping and arranged for me to meet her at the agreed shop and a set time. This was good for me because I have very limited energy and needed to sort out medications. My son’s partner drove me and we arrived at the shop. Joy had already arranged for the disabled access changing room to be used and the clothes were hanging inside. This was so much easier than having to push a wheelchair around the shops and battle to see the clothes on their displays. When I was pushed in to the room it was like Aladdin’s cave, the clothes were wonderful. The colours fantastic and the style of the clothes just hung right. Of course I was very critical of certain lumps and bumps which I thought you could see, but Joy and Tara both were of the opinion I had been wearing too baggy a size clothes for what I needed. I must admit I felt a million dollars in the clothes. Joy had done so well with the clothes because I feel the cold, but have not got the energy for heavy clothes. Joy had chosen warm but light clothes which ticked all my needs. Shoes again I had gone from wearing stilettos to flats. Joy surprised me by finding a pair of the softest leather boots with a small but stable heel which I could manage to stand in with my stick without losing my balance, I was so happy to have a pair of girly boots again. Then for the evening gown which I needed, a beautiful, elegant gun metal colour and cut in a classic design which would not date, and a excellent price. Well I could write for ever how the experience made me feel, but I just need to mention the £18.00 bra which instantly gave me back my younger days.
All I can say is that Joy is a fantastic person and genuine with a passion for enabling people to feel confident and stylish. Joy was a saving grace for me. I shall look forward to shopping for my summer clothes with Joy; God willing I am here.

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  1. Tamu says:

    Joy I am so pleased that I read this as I have been feeling frustrated as I have focussed on what I don’t have rather than what I have this weekend. This blog is the perfect thing for me to read before I go to bed so that I can change my attitude. This ladies journey is heartwarming and reminds me that I have LOADS to be thankful for. I am inspired by this lady and encouraged that you really are able to meet the needs of your client regardless of who they are. You go girl we all need to look good whether we rock the latest trends in our wheelchairs or on the bus!

    I am now using the laws of attraction to put out there that I would like a Potential U wardrobe detox for Christmas. I better email this link to my friends and family.

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