Summer occasion!

With the glorious star studded royal wedding beautifully celebrated, it’s time for us to focus on our summer occasions wear.

If you have an upcoming wedding, ascot or a summer soiree, here are a few occasions styling tips, so you look sublime this season:

Does and don’t’s for your summer occasion styling:


With the longest coldest winter behind us, I’m sure we’ve all had enough of wearing black and dark tones. Opt for soft pastels tones or bold colours for your occasional wear. Lilacs and pinks are perfect this season.



A fabulous fascinator makes a great statement with your occasional attire. Do keep your other accessories (earrings and necklaces) simple, so you have one focal statement.

For elegant occasional jewellery, look here:



Most of us wear dresses to summer weddings and special occasions. Keep the length to your knees or calf, so there are no indecent exposures at the church 😉


Wild card!

My clients know that I always have a wild card when I’m styling them….

Break with tradition this season by wearing something bold and different. A tailored trouser suit makes a unique statement this summer.


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