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Effortless Style on Holiday!

Hooray it’s the time of the year for holidays!

Whether you have planned a family break in the UK, an exotic cruise around the Caribbean, or a European city vacation with your girlfriends. One thing is for sure you’re looking forward to taking a well-deserved break!

There is a misconception that in our quest for a relaxed casual look on holiday you can’t look ‘Effortlessly stylish’ without making a lot of fuss.

Good news ‘Effortless Stylish’ is easy and achievable with us!

Do you want to look chic, like you just woke up and threw your stylish casual look together with little effort? Below our Senior Stylist has our top 10 must have’s for achieving an ‘Effortlessly Stylish’ look on holiday!

Top 10 must have’s to achieve Effortless Style on Holiday

1. Oversized straw sun hat

2. Dark sun glasses

3. Lots of whites: Tops/T’s, Linen trousers/jeans, tired skirts

4. Coloured cotton scarf to inject colour

5. Oversized basket bag

6. Cotton Summer dresses – breathable and colourful

7. Light jacket, great when chilly and for traveling

8. Flip flops – 1 plain 1 with detail

9. A pair of medium heeled sandal for evening events

10. A pair of jeans to travel in

If you haven’t had time to shop for your Holiday and have a few missing pieces.

With a few hours Personal shopping our stylist will create an ‘Effortless Stylish’ look for you to get you into that holiday mood!

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Summer Sale Shopping Tips!

Despite the temperamental weather, we are now officially in Summer. The season of holidays, weddings, strawberries and cream and the start of the summer sale! Check out our top shopping tips to help you when sale shopping this season.

Top 3 Sale Shopping tips for you:

  1. Wear comfortable foot wear, and be prepared to rummage through bargains for hours…
  2. Pause don’t impulse buy it because it’s cheaper. Do avoid making those fashion mistakes!
  3. Does your selection complement your skin tone and flatter your bodyshape?

If you would like some stylish new clothes this Summer and can’t bear rummaging through racks of clothes for hours. Let our Stylist select fabulous new clothes that flatter your bodyshape and complement your skin tone at Crazy prices!

20% off all Personal Shopping booked before 31st August 2011.

Offer ends 31st August 2011 (Please note must be booked by or before the specified dates of the offer)

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