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Essential Blacks for your Wardrobe!

Black!!!I hear my clients exclaim! Yes black!

If you have had your Colours Analysed with us at Potential U, I am sure this comes as somewhat of a surprise to you; I usually advise my clients to steer clear of black.

If you have attended any of our Style workshops, you would have been advised that black drains your complexion, it washes you out, and it doesn’t suit most skin tones.

The Essential Blacks are the ‘exceptions to rule’, and will certainly not affect your skin tone adversely as they are not directly reflecting or worn against your face.

The Essential Blacks below; are must have pieces for every wardrobe that guarantees to give you a Chic New Style this Year!

The Essential Blacks:

  • To accentuate your waist, a thin Black belt is a ‘must have’ piece for your wardrobe this year! Great on your dresses, and can be worn with your jeans, trousers and skirts.
  • Wear a Black fitted blazer/jacket for an effortless chic look on an evening out!
  • Smarten up your casual wardrobe with a pair of Black Jeans! They are sliming, comfortable and look great at those casual/smart do’s.
  • A pencil or an A-lined Black Skirt is flattering piece that complements any coloured top beautifully!
  • A Simple Black bag is a necessary accessory that will take you from morning to evening! Patent black bags always keep there newness and shape.
  • From work to play, Black court shoes are essential for every woman’s wardrobe! They go with practically everything, and can be worn to ‘nearly’ every occasion!

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How to look slimmer in your clothes this year!

Happy New Year!

If you are anything like the most of us, you overindulged over the festive period. Your clothes feel a little snug, and you have great plans to  get fit and healthy in 2012.

6 Amazing Style tips to help you look slim and trim this year:

1:Overly baggy clothes make you look bigger than you are. Tailored, well-fitted clothes make you look sleek and well groomed!

2:Steer clear of colour blocking! Keep continuity of colour ie: wear the same colour top, bottoms and shoes. This will elongate your figure

3:To appear trimmer, avoid wearing pleated clothing! They bulk you up and add extra volume.

4:Wear heels; they lengthen your legs! Heels as small as 2 inches; make you look leaner and improves your body posture.

5:Avoid wearing horizontal lines; they widen your proportions! Opt for simple, plain or linear lines.

6:Large bold prints magnify! Go for small delicate prints.

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